Civil War Monuments Removed Today; American Flag Will Be Banned Tomorrow

Today, confederate and civil war monuments are being removed; but tomorrow, it will be the American flag. This is the purging of history.

While most leaders are doing this in the spirit of unity, they’re failing to realize that they’re dealing with a fringe group of political terrorists. They will not stop until they remove every bit of history or culture. The mission of these fascists is not to bring unity or to prevent people from being offended. Their mission is to bring down America. And they’re taking advantage of America’s spirit of tolerance and openness.


Where monuments being removed or defaced?

Monuments vandalized in Atlanta

Kentucky Mayor: Confederate Monuments Will Be Moved

Gainesville removes Confederate statute

Baltimore’s Mayor to Remove Monuments
After Charlottesville, Mayor And City Council Take Steps To Remove Baltimore’s Confederate Monuments


Democrat candidate calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain in Georgia
Abrams calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain

Lincoln Memorial Vandalized

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