#DemandFreeSpeech Rally versus Antifa

Take a look at the vast difference between two groups of people gathering in Washington, D.C., today.

In Freedom Plaza, patriots gathered to raise awareness of the extreme censorship of conservative voices by big tech and media.  The crowd was upbeat, full of positivity and even invited a former-Muslim, now converted Christian pastor, Ramin Parsa, to lead a prayer.  The lineup of speakers included Roger Stone, Laura Loomer and Eric Cochran, the former employee turned whistleblower who exposed Pinterest’s censorship of conservative and Christian topics.

Across the street near the Willard Hotel, a group of protesters grouped together in opposition to the #DemandFreeSpeech rally.  Most were dressed in all black with coverings over their faces.  The had flags for communism, revolution and Antifa.  For those with their faces not covered, they appeared angry and completely miserable.  The speakers in this area led the crowd in hateful chants laced with expletives.  The kick-off featured a female speaker yelling that police were not there to protect the protesters, but they were there to protect property.  The tone of the message was that police are bad.

Speaking of police, their presence was heavy.  The DemandFreeSpeech rally area was surrounded by fencing and police officers.  There were dump trucks blocking the streets, police on foot, in cars and on bikes.  Law enforcement did an excellent job in keeping the area safe, unlike what occurred in Portland, last week.

The contrast between these two groups of people today could not have been more drastically different.  Light and dark, good versus evil, happy versus angry, spirited versus hate-filled, patriotic versus authoritarian.


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