Refugee Age Fraud Widespread in Europe as Dental X-Rays Deemed ‘Unethical’

“Child refugee” Saad Alsaud (at right) claims he’s 14.

Refugee age fraud is rampant in Europe as adult refugees claiming to be minors apply for asylum in France, England, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

Sweden, which is buckling under a mass Muslim migration, had initially considered medical tests like X-raying the hands and teeth of refugees to confirm that unaccompanied minor children are, in fact, children.

However, as the first wave of “Calais children” refugees pour into the UK from France, the British Home Office said it will not X-ray migrants to confirm they are, in fact, children.

A rep for the Home Office called age verification “unethical” and “inappropriate.”

“We do not use dental X-rays to confirm the ages of those seeking asylum in the UK,” said the rep. “The British Dental Association has described them as inaccurate, inappropriate and unethical.”

Britain’s liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron added: “There are age checks in place that do not require the government to treat human beings like cattle.”

Actually, that’s not true: There are no age checks in place to verify if a “child refugee” is actually a child. Most refugees arrive without any identification papers.

And even those that do have forged papers. Moreover, there’s no reliable database back home in the Middle East to confirm the refugees are who they claim they are.

calais-children-refugee-age-fraud-rampant-amid-muslim-rape-waveReports of rampant age fraud by refugees and alarming photos of “children” sporting full beards and adult-sized bodies have fueled growing suspicion that many refugees are claiming to be kids in order to secure asylum and housing.

Migrants have a huge incentive to lie about their age: Minors have less chance of being deported and greater access to housing.

Hanif Bali, an Iranian-born lawmaker who emigrated in Sweden as an unaccompanied minor at age 3, said it’s important to separate adults from children because older refugees often bully younger ones at asylum centers. There are also many instance of child rape and sexual assault.

“Unaccompanied minors make up around 20% of asylum seekers but they cost about half the migration budget,” Bali told Reuters.

“I have lived in these kinds of homes. The environment becomes much harsher when you have older people there. You get ‘prison rules’ and many children get caught up in the older people’s trouble-making.”

Meanwhile, Europe’s unprecedented Muslim rape epidemic is festering after being censored by the media for the past 20 years, RevoRepublic has reported.

sharia-france-muslim-rapeIslamic law and tradition condones rape of “infidel” women; in fact, it’s encouraged to help them “convert” to Islam.

Rape is considered the “woman’s fault,” because she would not have been raped if she had dressed modestly, or if she had stayed home like a “good Muslim woman.”

Hillary Clinton wants the US to take more 550% more Muslim refugees despite the spate of terrorist attacks and the Muslim rape wave rocking Europe. Hillary is insistent on this stance even though the FBI said there is no way to vet refugees for terrorist ties.

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